Online Casino Player Success Rate in 50 English Cities Revealed

May 24, 2012
Casino News has recently revealed the rate of success experienced by online casino players in England’s 50 biggest regions.  Based on the figures found by the online casino, the city that topped the list is Ipswich, one of the smallest of the 50 examined regions.  With a population of fewer than 150,000, players from Ipswich averaged only £147.93 in loses per player.’s analysis revealed the regions where online players had the most and least amount of gambling success in England.  Their results found that the population of a city didn’t appear to have any impact on the success rate of the player.

For instance, the city that had the highest losses was Liverpool.  In terms of population, this city is practically six times bigger than Ipswich.  On average, losses per player in Liverpool were £482.42, which is over three times greater than the average per player losses in Ipswich.

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